The company Naniko offers car rental in the airport Zjuliany

Kiev airport Zjuliany is the second largest passenger traffic in Kiev.

The Airport operated since 1924. Airport began working around the clock since May 11, 2009. Airport infrastructure every year more and more improves, bit by bit multiplies the number of airlines that operate with it.

Naniko guarantees you: low prices, high quality service and new vehicles.

In the car park of Naniko you are expected by cars for different needs. You can rent: luxury car for splendour travel or business meetings, minivans and SUVs for a ride with a big company in the mountains, low-cost car of economy classes. Our company will provide you desired car that you need. Our cars will create the comfort and the convenience.

Car hire at the airport Zjuliany is a great way to continue your way successfully.

Take a car from our company and get the following: unlimited mileage, the opportunity to take the car at any time with or without driver, the rental price includes all local taxes and insurance.

If you forgot to note in the system some accessory in the time of booking, it will be delivered on the spot, it is not a problem.

Rent a car from Naniko, if you arrive at the international airport Zjuliany.