About Ukraine

Ukraine – is a very amazing country, located in the eastern part of Europe. It borders with many European countries: Russia, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania. The country’s capital – Kiev. The main part of the country is Orthodox.

Geographical characteristics: the topography of the country is mainly represented as plains, only 36% of the territory is covered by mountains and hills. It is located in the area of forests and steppes. Climate: temperate continental, the highest temperature recorded in the South and East. The largest river in the country – the Dnieper, the river empties into the Black Sea.

The geographical center of Europe passes through the city Rahim in a picturesque location of the Carpathian Mountains. Through the country passes 40% of highways Europe.

The country’s economy: Ukraine is among the list of industrial – agricultural countries. The country possesses the largest reserve of manganese.

From a tourism perspective: Country fraught with many wonderful places, visiting which is a dream of many people.

Because this country has a varied landscape and long history, can be found here as historical monuments, spas, unique places of natural beauty.

A country’s culture is diverse and very interesting. In Ukrainian culture occupy a significant place folk dance and folklore.

In this country, you can find the sights of world heritage UNESCO

• Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

• Sophia Cathedral

• Residence of Bukovina metropolitans

• The historic center of Lviv

• Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians

The most popular place for the winter recreation and treatment in Ukraine: Truskavets, Morshina; and for skiing people, of course, go to the Carpathians.

Interesting facts about Ukraine:

In Ukraine was established the world’s first constitution by Philip Orlik in the 18th century.

Ukrainian language is in second place, after the Italian, by its melody.

Ukraine, the only country that voluntarily had renounced nuclear weapons production.