About Kiev at Naniko

Kiev – European capital with long history, splendid and unique monuments.

Name of the city, according to one legend, comes from the name Kyi, who was one of three brothers, founders of the city.

Kiev, the capital of the ancient Kievan Rus, is located on the banks of the river – the Dnieper. It is the largest city and the main core of the cultural, economic, political and educational life.

Kiev – an amazingly beautiful city, about it a famous American artist Rockwell Kent wrote: “I have been to different cities, large and small. I have seen them as beautiful parks, but i see the city in the park for the first time.” Unusual number of parks, which were decorated with various sculptures, fountains, benches. It captivates travelers.

Kiev is a favorite city for those who appreciates and loves beautiful architectural structures, hot nightclubs and bars, great shopping centers.

Major attractions that tourists must visit on arrival in the city:

The main part of the country’s Orthodox Christians, so a huge amount in Kiev Orthodox structures.

The most important of them is – Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which was founded in 1051. It represents one of the six most influential friaries today. The monastery complex is located in the middle of the city; it contains 14 churches, 7 museums, monastery, etc. The most valuable part of the Lavra is underground cells, where it is a place of praying for monks, the monastery contains myrrh-streaming heads of holy people.

Saint Sophia Cathedral – XI century monument, built by order of Yaroslav the Wise. The cathedral has a unique architecture and interior design.

The following symbols: high dome symbolizes Jesus Christ, and twelve small domes – the apostles.

St. Michael’s Cathedral (XI century) – the famous blue and white cathedral, which is the first with gilded domes. It is from here and went across the great tradition of the golden domes of Russia.

Khreschatyk – the main street of the capital, which during the holidays becomes a pedestrian street. There are located the main government building.

Other attractions: Golden Gate, Museum of one street, house with chimeras, National Museum of Art, Babi Yar, a botanical garden, dolphin, etc.

When you come to Kiev, you can not deny yourself in entertainment. The hottest clubs and disco bars are waiting for you. They compete to each other and are luring fans of the night’s adventures; they invite well-known DJs and stars, offer different promotions, discounts, etc.

About city Bulgakov wrote: “Kiev most beautiful city in the world, this is the first capital of Rus and one of the greenest cities in the world.”